Three cheers for Joy Nash and accepting yourself in the skin your in!

I recommend all plus size women watch Joy’s video. She is telling you through video what I am trying to say through writing. I love her self confidence and her self acceptance. We all need to work our psyches up to this point. It’s definately in our best interest to do just that.

Joy Nash’s Fat Rant

3 thoughts on “Three cheers for Joy Nash and accepting yourself in the skin your in!”

  1. She looks excellent for her weight and size and when I was that weight I wish I looked that good. Problem was I didn’t. I believe some bodies look good with the xtra weight and you can tell by looking at their face. If the face looks natural and not chins and cheeks sagging then that size fits them. When I was the weight I was my face looked saggy. It looked sloppy on me. Great rant for some. I just can’t accept it for myself.


  2. CRAZY about your blog! Joy is awesome, isn’t she? And you TOTALLY rock! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you feel better soon! Sucks to be sick on your bd!


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