An early quirky birthday present to me…

I’m so sick tonight with an awful head cold. The hubby is in Florida with my youngest, and I’m here enjoying my down time, regardless of my runny nose and throbbing sinuses. I was passing the time, just my laptop and me when I hit this Etsy shop. The seller’s name is Paraphenalia . They are located in England. I love quirky, funky jewelry, especially vintage ladies. I’m especially taken with that huge fish on her head. I just had to have this brooch, so I ordered it and now I await it’s arrival.

So, I’m going to curl up and continue to search Etsy some more…you never know what you’ll find and end up with when you make the excuse of having a birthday around the corner a reason to spend, spend, spend!

2 thoughts on “An early quirky birthday present to me…”

  1. Sorry your sick…and sorry you didn’t come on down to F-L-A! Of course, it’s only gonna be about 40 degrees here tonight, so it’s just as well that your snug in your own place when you don’t feel so good!

    Love the broach…what cool stuff they have in their shop! Good find…

    Feel better 😉



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