My first baby turns 20….Happy Birthday David

My son Dave

On January 25th, 1988 I became a mother. David made me one. He arrived during Wheel of Fortune and the very second I layed eyes on him I was in love. I was almost 25 and walking on air, full of energy and bursting with joy to finally have my new baby.

In what seems like a blink, 20 years have passed, and he is a man now. He’s a sophomore in college, at the University of Illinois Chicago, studying Bio Engineering. Oh, how proud I am of him. I observe with amazement as I see him tackling Calculus homework almost with ease. I couldn’t even get through Trigonometry in high school with out dropping it out of frustration. I am so proud of how far he’s come and in the man he is turning out to be. He’s got a girlfriend now that he loves and I’m happy he has someone to love him back. I see him being affectionate with her and I know he’s got all that love to give because he himself was loved so much as a child. I tried to fill him full with love so he would be prepared for the life ahead of him. God know’s no matter how bad life gets, it’s knowing you are loved that can pull you though even the roughest times.

Yesterday, he heard the ringtone I use for for him and it is Mariah Carey’s song, Always Be My Baby.

It goes like this:

“You’ll always be a part of me

I’m part of you indefinately

Boy don’t you know you can’t escape me

Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby.”

And my baby he’ll be…no matter how old he gets-. Happy birthday D-Man.

1 thought on “My first baby turns 20….Happy Birthday David”

  1. Happy Birthday to David..,how proud you must be! I have a 23 year old and I am amzed at what a lovely woman she is becoming.

    Hope whatever celebration you had was a good one!



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