BIG shock to my system…

A scene from one of my favorite episodes, “I Heart NY”

Whoa Nelly….I think I need a cocktail. Upon searching Google images for a sexy thumbnail of Chris Noth for my Yahoo sign in, I came across an article saying Chris and his ‘longtime’ girlfriend Tara Wilson welcomed their first child on January 18th. Gulp. Shock. Bummer! As Johnny Carson would say, “I did not know that!”

I am happily married, but hey, we all can have our unobtainable fantasy men, can’t we, regardless of our commitment to our spouse? I’m sure a lot of women wouldn’t admit they did have one for fear of pissing off their hubby’s. Larry knows of my moderate obsession with the 6’4″ tall Adonis whom I just happened to meet in person a couple of Octobers ago on my first trip to NYC. Not to mention, a photo of Chris has burned an indelible image into my computer screen because it’s been my desktop background for so long.

Hearing the news of this baby’s birth left me just a little stunned. There goes my fantasy. He’s truly committed to her-I suppose. He’s got the baby and all and I’d say about time, he just turned 53 a few months ago.
So it’s back to life, and back to reality. It’s definately time to put the little fantasy aside-at least until the Sex and the city movie comes out in May and resurges my urges for that hunky Mr. Big all over again. It’s good to know his baby was a boy. Hopefully, with any luck, Orion Christopher Noth can grow up to be as tall, dark and handsome as his old dad.

I’m off to have a cup of Black Silk coffee and wallow in my sorrows for just a bit, then it’s back to doll making and the other people that are really important to me.

Congratulations Chris…here’s to happy fatherhood!

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