Kicking my exercise regime up a notch…

My Curves Coach…how’d you like to be accountable to her?

Last Sunday, I got the notion to check out my local Curves. I already belong to a gym, but it’s beginning to get boring, and if any of you know me, you understand how impatient I can get and how variety is my middle name.

My friend Cindy joined Curves last year around the same time as I joined my gym and she seems to to be shaping up in a good way. I’m getting there, but I just don’t think I’m doing enough. I’m guilty of slacking off, and the reason primarily is boredom.

So off to Curves I go. I made my appointment, got my tour, tried out the machines, signed on the dotted line and I’m in-a member of CURVES. I went three times last week and I love it! (No, this is not a paid advertisement!) What is so cool about this program is you are only working any given machine for only 30 seconds then you move on to the resting platform where you jog in place for 30 seconds, then it’s BEEP! Next machine. There about 10 machines that work a different part of your body and you go around twice for a 30 minute workout. Already, just 3 sessions in I feel so much better. I didn’t forget my other gym membership. I decided to go and just work on the weight machines for 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursdays. I used to go and ride 9 miles on the recumbant bike but never felt like I got much of a cardio workout. With Curves, I’m working up a sweat and my heart is pounding. I am loving this new place. I recommend Curves to anyone who gets bored with exercising. It has a lot of variety and goes fast. Try it.

One more thing that I love about it that I have to pay extra for at my local gym is having a coach. At Curves, they have a Smart plan where a computer keeps track of my progress and gives me a computer print out of my strengths and weakness’ on the various machines as well as a real person who will weigh me weekly and take my measurements monthly to check my progress. Mentally, I feel accountable to someone and that’s a good thing. It keeps me on my toes. Oh, one more thing, since it’s all women at Curves, I don’t have to worry about looking like an Arf Arf when I go. There’s no men to preen for…hurray!

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