This may be my guiltiest pleasure…

Look at this. It’s beautiful, don’t you agree? See that frosting, it’s perfectly smooth, and the color just delicious. The yellow cake is perfectly contained inside the cupcake wrapper. It’s perfection.

Yes, I am watching my weight with the anticipation of losing some pounds, but honestly, what is life about if you can’t enjoy one of these beauties once in a while? Not only do these taste delicious, but they are equally as beautiful to behold as they are to eat.

While in NYC a year or so ago, I went to some of the city’s trendiest cupcake bakeries. What a fabulous idea for a business! Ever since I got back, the idea of opening a cupcake bakery here in my town has been knawing at me. I don’t have the funds nor the business experience to open one, but I know if someone wanted to and had the know how and the greenbacks, they could make a killing if they opened one by the Metra train station in Tinley. There is only one cupcake eatery in Chicago. There is a need for one here in the Chicagoland suburbs.

Here’s an example of how much I heard the Magnolia Bakery in NYC pulls in on a monthly basis. They sell approximately 25,000 cupcakes a month at a price of $2.50 each. That doesn’t even include any other types of cakes or specialty items they sell in additon to the cupcakes. Now you do the math. This could be a real money maker. Situating a cupcake cafe right across from the train station could be a brilliant move.

I swear, if some joe ends up opening a cupcake bakery in the vacant shop directly across from my Oak Park Ave. train station, I’m going to kick myself in the tushie.

So much for trying to cash in on my seriously guilty pleasure.

My idea of the perfect spot for my dream cupcake bakery-right across from the Metra station near my house.

3 thoughts on “This may be my guiltiest pleasure…”

  1. Man-O-Man Em…if we lived closer together, we could be partners in cupcake crime! There is a very “artsy” section of downtown Orlando that has eclectic shops and I have been trying to get The Hub to consider putting in a “Make “Em While You Wait” donut shop. There’s this place on the East Coast called “The Fractured Prune” (long story) and it has lines around that place ALL DAY…for donuts!! Anyway…been away, I’m back, just catching up…Happy Autumn!! Cassie


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