I’m learning the ropes…er, CABLES!

I’m so excited! Last Sunday, I went to the house of a new friend named Regina and she is a very talented knitter. She was so sweet to offer to teach me some of the things I’ve always wanted to learn but couldn’t find out how. She is from Lithuania, and she has a difficult time reading English patterns, but she has all this in her head, so she is teaching me. I learned how to cable knit! I can do it from memory, but I haven’t tried to apply my newly adapted skills to reading a pattern yet.

Here is a photo of the beginning of my cable scarf, knit with that scrumptious orchid mohair/wool yarn I ordered a few months ago. Remember that post?

Now that fall is here, I’m dusting off my knitting needles and away I’m gonna go!
Thank you Regina!

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