Pictures taken by me today…

I thought I’d try out my new camera and take some photos of some things that caught my eye on my way home from dropping the boys off at school this morning. The blue hollyhocks grow over the fence just behind the school and since Monday I’ve been meaning to bring my camera to photograph these beauties but I kept forgetting. Yesterday I remembered, but alas, the hollyhocks began wilting and weren’t as prolific as they were a few days ago. Instead, I opted to take a few close ups of them to show how pretty they were.

Jeff, my baby, (fifth and final) just got his saxophone yesterday and is so proud of it. I had to snap a photo of him trying it out. What a cutie. I keep telling him he’s gonna sound just like Kenny G someday!

The kitten is the newest edition of our family. We’ve decided to call him Fischer Bones (Fish Bones for short, although he tends to get called Boney. My husband calls him Simon. I guess he will be like the royals with 4 or 5 names.)

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