Checked out Sarah Jessica’s ‘BITTEN’, hmmm….

On Monday, I was on my way home from my friend Cindy’s house and I passed by a large mall on the way home. I noticed the Steve & Barry’s store and pulled in, knowing Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line BITTEN is sold there. I just wanted to go in for a peek to see what the clothes looked like. I was a little excited, and since I’ve never been in this store before it was more of an adventure.

When I walked in, I noticed a small display of tops set up to grab new shoppers and the rest of the collection was in two other larger sections of the store. I browsed through all three places and I can not believe how disappointing these clothes are. They are so simple, boring, and very Old Navy-ish, but not with the fun feeling you get from wearing the clothes from Old Navy. I mean this stuff was ugly! Not to mention, the sizes go up to Women’s size 22, which I wear on the bottom, and the tops in the XXL were very small in size. I didn’t try them on, but they didn’t pass the ‘arm stretch test’ which is a reliable method for me to determine if I will get a blouse or top over my rib cage. They would not have fit me. This was very disappointing, because as a plus size woman, being able to find a line of clothing in larger sizes is always a thrill, but can be a bigger let down when the sizes don’t run true to size.

I was really disappointed in SJP’s clothing line. I expected more fun patterns, colors and designs and for the stuff to just be ‘hipper’. Honestly, the clothes I saw reminded me of the clothes I bought in the late 70’s when I started high school, but very plain and bland. I don’t recommend her clothes at all. I also noticed the fabric wasn’t the greatest quality, either. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sarah as an actress, I adore her in Sex and the City, and her cologne, Lovely is all I wear. In my opinion her attempt at clothing design is a bust. But please, don’t let me sway you. Go check out her clothes for yourself and maybe you’ll like what you see.

Sarah, if you Googled BITTEN to see what kind of opinions are flittering around out on the internet and you are reading this, can I give you some advise? When you design next season’s line, please use happy colors, florals, and bright mod prints. And for God’s sake (and for the sake of larger women everywhere), please make the size 22 large enough for us curvey gals to fit into!

2 thoughts on “Checked out Sarah Jessica’s ‘BITTEN’, hmmm….”

  1. Haven’t seen the clothing line here in Australia, but love her perfume “Lovely”…we are the same there, as that is the only perfume i wear…
    luv Ann.xx


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