My groovy new ARTSY FARTSY Glasses!

Okay, being the great shopper that I am, and being unable to pass up a clearance item I really need, I stumbled upon these specs quite by accident while I was browsing the optical department at my local Target. I was looking for a pair of trendy black plastic rectangled frames with rhinestones on the sides. Target didn’t have what I was looking for, but the huge, red CLEARANCE sign above some select frames caught my attention. There was only one pair of these and I tried them on. When I looked in the mirror, I kind of had the feeling Cinderella must have had when she put that glass slipper on….they felt and fit like magic! They made me feel artsy, which I was going after, yet they were a bit hip and didn’t stand out so much because the black didn’t go all the way around.

I bought them on the spot, assuming I would get an exam on a later date and have my prescription lenses put in. I took them home and now I have to find an optometrist. You see, both Target and Sam’s Club no longer have eye doctors. They are hiring. There must be shortage of them in the world. I immediately came home and told my son Scott, the Senior to major in Optometry next year when he goes to college.

They make me feel artsy, so that’s all I wanted. So, what do you think? Good?

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