Just a piece of my mind….what’s with men!

Okay without much detail, I had a pretty bad spat with the hubby this morning, and of course, I didn’t win (and he thinks he did, but really I did, and I’m just gonna let him think he did. Did you get that?), but I’m older now and I’ve invented a mental shield in which his nasty words bounce right off me, never entering my psyche to infect me with bad feelings. Nope, I won’t allow that to happen, I’m too old (happily 44), too confident, and too happy with life to let him get me down. The last thing he asked me for just before our argument started was a cup of coffee, which I don’t understand why, but he just can’t seem to get it for himself. Hey, who gets me a cup of coffee in the morning? Hmmmm…..Well, dear hubby, this graphic is for you.

(I’m sorry I dropped the ‘F’ bomb with this photo, but just think to yourself how good it makes me feel to express it!)

8 thoughts on “Just a piece of my mind….what’s with men!”

  1. I had to pop over here and let you know you have officially been tagged. You can read the instructions on my blog (:

    Kelle, Two Dancing Crows


  2. know what you mean girl!! My DH can’t even seem to make coffee anymore..wtf??????????? if the pots not ready to go, he just leaves it and gripes about not getting any…go girl!


  3. OMG… I saw your listing on the BUST page (just joined myself) and feel like we must be soul sisters. Or, really, that our husbands are twins. Or maybe the SAME PERSON! EEEEK!

    Your story is way too familiar to me. My husband will actually wait until I get up or walk by to request something from the kitchen. I think he’d rather starve or die from thirst than to just get up of his ASK (see Kassie/monsters video if you don’t know what that means!) and fetch it himself.

    It’s good to know I’m not alone, yet I wonder why we put up with such nonsense? Why?? And what would happen if I just stopped fetching things for him? *gasp!* How dare I think such stuff? [insert evil laughter here…]



  4. Oh Em..you go right ahead and let it fly..lol…every now & then we need to vent..Why do our men folk think we have to wait on them?? Get hteir own darn coffee..lol
    luv Ann.xx


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