A little bit O’ soul….the truth is in the DNA

A few months ago, in my never ending quest to find out what exactly I am made up of genetically, I decided to go along with a DNA Ancestry test to see just what kinds of ancestors I have. So, I contact GeneTree.com and request my free test kit.

The kit arrives within a week, so before going to sleep one night, I vigorously rub the inside of my cheeks & gums with the designated swabs provided and carefully pop them in the postage paid envelope. The next day, off it goes with a gulp, and a hundred dollar testing fee.

I wait about 4 weeks and I get this email from the testing lab. By now, I’ve almost forgetten about the whole thing. I open the email and voila! The test results. It was a good thing I was sitting! Here it goes. My ancestral genetic make up consists of the following percentages:

79% European (no specific countries, thank you very much!)
12% East Asian (!)
7% Sub Saharan African (!!!!!)
2% Native American (!!)

Holy Jesus! I got some soul sistah in me! How cool is that? That must explain how I can talk to my kids teasingly in a mock ghetto tone and do it well. Now, if you look at me, you’d beg to differ with these results. How can it be? All I can say is what mysteries we all have lying within our DNA. This must have gone wayyyyyyy back in time, like 700 years. The Native American is funny, too. Looks like someone in my line got off the Mayflower and fell in love with an Indian, or worse. Maybe my great, great, great, great grandmother was at the first Thanksgiving, with her lover, the Haudenosaunee.

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