Guilty pleasures

Last night, as I sat in a throne-like chair getting a pedicure, I was flipping through a magazine which had a small article on the subject of guilty pleasures. I suppose the difference between ‘guilty’ pleasures and ‘simple’ pleasures, is the guilty ones aren’t free. For example, a ‘simple’ pleasure might be enjoying a bouquet of flowers by simply burying your face in them, breathing in their intoxicating scent and feeling the satiny petals brush against your skin. Whereas, a ‘guilty’ pleasure might be purchasing yourself that bouquet of flowers, for no other reason except that you desire them. I was reading some of the examples of what the writer considered ‘guilty pleasures,’ and here are a few I found interesting:

1. Buying yourself flowers
2. Hiring a housekeeper
3. Purchasing expensive jeans
4. Holing up in a hotel
5. 800 ct. thread sheets
6. Sneaking a midnight snack while everyone else in your family is asleep. (Big deal on that one.)

So, here is my list of should be guilty pleasures, although, I admit, I don’t really feel the guilt at all!
1. Sleeping on a freshly laundered set of new sheets or under a deliciously soft new comforter (my guilty pleasure doesn’t have to be 800 thread ct., although I do own a set.)
2. A weekend jaunt to New York City with a girlfriend.
3. Getting my nails done in RED
4. Buying some new beauty products and relishing those moments when you go through the bag of new items and open them up.
5. Having lunch at Panera Bread with my daughter
6. Purchasing a new Tascha painting off ebay

A few times a week, I’d like to list some of the things I’m thankful for…just to keep my perspective on what ‘s really important in life.

I’m thankful for my home and the refuge and comfort it provides. I’m thankful for air conditioning; the sound of rain on the roof while I drift off to sleep; for beautiful art to enjoy, for my creative spirit; for my children, my husband and my familie’s health. I am thankful for a fresh pot of coffee and yummy creamers to go with it, for lemon biscotti, chocolate and I am thankful for my furry friends, Blaze, Lily, Chaz, Fletch, Cosmo & Oliver–for life without them would be so empty.
More thankful fors tomorrow!

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