Creativity…it’s bubbling to the surface!

Yes…this feeling I’ve been having is familar. It’s the sensation I get just before I sit down to create something really good. Inside of me, there emerges this happy feeling and my heart starts pumping faster from just fingering my buttons & floss. I get a visual high from just looking at my fabric stash. Within these elements lies my next creation.

I got the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, and I’m almost hyperventilating as I read it. To me, this creative/artsy magazine is as exciting to me as pornography is to others. As an artist, I can feel ‘something coming on,’ just as you can feel a cold virus invading your body. I just need to relax and let it emerge on it’s own. Before I know it, I’ll be sitting down to sketch out an idea and there it will be! An image flowing through my fingers and out through the pencil….sent straight from my noggin.

I have been preoccupied with the trials and business of life over the past few months and it’s been getting me down–just a bit. But now, as if it’s programmed into my DNA, I can tell the time has come. My soul just can’t go that long without something artsy surfacing. Maybe it’s the the scent of fresh cut grass or the longer days and more sunshine which are giving me a smile on my face, a hop to my step and a buzz to my imagination. I love feeling like this.

My itch is to create a banner for this blog…with fabric. That’s all I will say for now. Everyone out there…sit, wait and wonder what it will look like. Sometime soon, when you stop back for a visit, a new happy banner will be staring you in the face, and hopefully it will make you smile. That among a few other things, like a new doll are pushing their way out. Soon, just like birthing a baby, a new creation will be born, just you wait and see.

1 thought on “Creativity…it’s bubbling to the surface!”

  1. Em, I only know you from your blog, but I think this fabric is so YOU!!!
    I think you are much more bubbly and ethereal than the prim fabrics that you work with. I can see you stretching yourself to do something wild and different. I was out today and picked up a book/magazine that I just fell in love with called “Altered Couture”….just fabulous and creative. I’m not even a sewer…but this makes me want to be.



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