Laughter. It’s not just for fun anymore…..

I read this on the Figure Magazine website:

“When you’re upset or angry, having a good laugh can really cut the tension.
But chuckling may do more than just ease our minds — a new study suggests that laughing relaxes our blood vessels as well.
University of Maryland researchers measured blood flow in 20 people before and after they saw a funny movie. When the film ended, 19 of the subjects showed improved circulation, with an average boost of 22 percent.
The benefits of increased circulation include stress reduction and better immunity. “

I truly believe my dear friend Cat will be soley responible for lengthing my life by a few weeks or even months. Not such a bad thing to credit oneself with, huh? She is so dang funny…I just love her. Whenever that woman and I get together, all we do is laugh. Our times together can be so riotous, my face sometimes hurts long after she’s gone. She knows just how to bring out the happy in me. It’s amazing how good it feels to just let down your guard and giggle. It lowers blood pressure and like the article above says, it makes the blood flow better. When I’m with her I actually feel healthier!

At my age, I’ve found there’s nothing better for my soul than some quality girlfriend time. I find an excuse, any excuse to just to get together. As I’m getting older, I want to filter out my time spent with people who have nothing positive to offer me. I am cleansing myself of the downers–the people who are pessimistic, opinionated and overbearing. I want as much as possible to surround myself with people who will lift me up, make me happy, and make me laugh. Sunshine people is how I’d describe them. I think I can safely say, if there was one person I’d have to be marooned on a desserted island with it would be Cat. She would make being shipwrecked hilarious. Now isn’t that what life is all about?
My recommendation to anyone reading this is to get themselves a ‘Cat,’ hold on to your heart and laugh as much as you can. Oh, yes, and have plenty of underwear on hand–you’ll need them.

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