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Just in case your momma didn’t tell you….

Okay, I have to write this post. I’m getting older, closer to menopause and very intolerant of people who are totally inconsiderate of others. Lately I’ve had a series of disappointing interactions with grown adults who seem to have never learned good manners.  I’m sick to death of people who are total assholes so completely self absorbed they don’t even begin to think about the reprocussions their actions have on others.  Nor do many of them care.  See the strikeout and you’ll know why.  I’m sure many of you have experienced these same incidents and have been equally as bothered as I am. As incredulous as I am that people can be so ignorant of these common courtesies, I do realize I, too, am not perfect, having fallen off the wagon many times myself. And I certainly have been guilty of the following at times, too, but I do really try to not commit these things.  Regardless, I feel compelled to say it, so here it goes:

1. Say “Thank You” and be grateful to someone who is doing you an enormous favor or good deed, despite how much you may resent the favor or the situation that brings about the favor. This failing, for me, falls under the “No good deed goes unpunished” column.

2. Providing it’s not a spammer or someone you really dislike (in which case you should make it clear you aren’t interesting in corresponding-hey, we are adults here), if you get an email from someone and they are clearly hoping for a reply or at least the courtesy of some kind of indication that you received their email,  please respond back in a very timely manner. If you can’t write back a lengthy reply at that moment, send a quick note back saying you received their email and you didn’t forget about them and you will (try to) reply at length later on, or the next day or whenever you can make the time. Don’t leave people hanging. It’s damn rude.

3. If you haven’t got something good to say-shut up. No one wants to be subjected to your negativity.

4.  Don’t be a “Poo Poo Promiser.”   When you say you are going to be somewhere or do something for or with someone-do it, unless there’s something really urgent keeping you from following through.  Especially, don’t cancel at the last minute-I’m referring to those times when you just don’t feel like doing it.  Give some notice.   When I was much younger I was guilty of doing this exact thing.  I was a bad poopoo promiser-primarily because when I was growing up people in my life thought nothing of doing it to me.  It was the way I was raised.  My mother in law broke me of this really awful habit by calling me on it (very angrily, I might add) when I did it to her.  She  made me realize how wrong it is to do that to someone.  As a result, now I try very hard to always do what I say I’m going to do.  I’m still not perfect, but I’m continually working on it.   This brings me to my next point…

5.  If you don’t want to do something, don’t say you will just because you are too cowardly to say you don’t want to.  Remember Nancy Reagan’s slogan, “Just say no.”  It doesn’t always pertain to drug use…it’s a helpful phrase you can apply to daily life, too.  Be firm and say what you mean.  It took me till the age of 40 to finally say “NO” to solicitors trying to sell me magazines at my door.  

6.  Unless your mother (or father) is a serial killer, sexual deviate, abusive or dead-call them despite how much they piss you off or how much they drive you crazy.  They need you more than you think and you just might be surprised at how much you might need them.  And if you definately refuse to associate with your living parent, don’t have your hand out when they die.  That’s just unscrupulous.

7.  Oh yeah, and about your childhood?   Get over it.  (I’m speaking in generalities here, not to those who’ve suffered terrible abuse (of any kind) at the hands of a very sick adult.  Obviously, those are exceptions that should not be made light of.) 

My mom always said, “What goes around, comes around,” and she usually said that when someone had wronged her or someone else.  I do believe this is so true.  Don’t let Karma bite you in the butt.  If you have any of these annoying habits, maybe think about taking a look inward and consider working on improving yourself.  It’s so frustrating to deal with people who are totally inconsiderate. I’m still working on my bad habits…..So there, I’ve said it!

Let me know what kinds of things you’ve experienced in your life that really annoys you about other people… (Possibly very blunt bloggers who just SAY IT like me, lol!)

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I’m remodelling just a bit…

As you can see, I’m changing things again. This time, I’ve gone web shopping and found something that I think is the perfect ‘fit’ for this blog and has the feeling and essence I’m trying to evoke. It has a shabby chic vibe, and makes me feel put together for once. I love the vintagey pink with white polka dots-it reminds me of pretty pastel decorated cupcakes, and we all know I go weak in the knees at just the site of them.

If any of you know me by now, you realize that I can’t stand to have things stay the same. Once and a while, I even have to turn my living room upside down and rearrange it, or repurpose some element of my house with a new, more exciting line of work. I hope to keep this layout now. I will add fun, beautiful and interesting photos and promise some thought provoking posts every once in a while.

If you notice my banner, there within it is a quote from Carrie Bradshaw, that shoe loving single girl in Sex and the City. I thought it perfectly spelled out what my philosophy is very quickly becoming, and is what I’m trying to promote here at Blond & Blithe-be yourself and love you regardless of your size, or style. Find someone who loves you for your true self and surround yourself with people who love that genuine person you’ve worked so hard all your life to become. And if you do, well, that’s just fabulous. Don’t feel compelled to change anything to make yourself more acceptable or appealing to another person-let the real you shine through. I read a quote on one of Mary Engelbreit’s drawings recently, and it went like this: “Be yourself. Who else is more qualified?” Keep looking until you find someone who thinks you’re really groovy, despite your slightly annoying habits. It’s when you do, that will probably feel most comfortable in your life. That banner is meant to empower, and I hope everyone who reads it, gets positive meaning from it.

I have a couple friends who are attempting to change their entire body shape just to make themselves more appealing to the mainstream single males out there. It’s a lot of work to achieve those results, and there are no guarantees you will stay that way. In my opinion, it’s walking on fragile ground to make such drastic physical changes with the anticipation that everything we always wanted will suddenly fall in place by thinking, “if I could just…” Remember a while ago, I said make the mirror your friend? Find something you love about your body and focus on it. Who am I to tout this advise? I’m no professional, I’m just speaking from my heart and it just seems right. Don’t you agree?

I’m beginning to permeate gradual bits and pieces of myself through this blog. I just love it! It’s begining to feel like a perfect fit. This place gives me a place to channel my literary creativity, as well as be a pinboard where I can display photographs and other fun things that make my heart sing and excite me. Construction is almost over…then the real fun begins.