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Ten years is all you need.

I have a friend who is just a few years older than me and she and I were talking about our dreams and what we’d like to do with this second half (or 1/3) of our life now that our kids are older.  She expressed a little bit of angst at the thought that she might be too old, and there won’t be enough time to accomplish everything she hopes to do with her dream of restyling clothing.  And it’s not that she thought she was going to die any time soon, she was more concerned about ‘how will I feel, when I’m older?’  Will I have less spunk than I would have had I unearthed my dream in my thirties? And for a moment,her anxiety became infectious.  After all, there are no guarantees how anyone is going to feel as they age upwards into their sixties and seventies.  But, I quickly got to thinking that ten years is all you need. I know, in my personal life anything I’ve done for a long time usually phased out after ten years.  That’s about the extent of where my interest lies, unless of course, it’s profitable and the motivation moves me to continue on and be more successful.  Ten years.  That’s doable and within reason.  She took great comfort in my wisdom and found it to be just what she needed to keep her feeling hopeful and positive about working toward making that dream come true.  It’s something she’s wanted to do forever and there really is time for it to happen.  We are all going to be here anyway (hopefully), aging gracefully, we might as well be busy, beautiful, mature people with a mission and a dream to accomplish.  What are you hoping for?  What is your dream?  It’s not too late to make it happen.  And that dream we are busy accomplishing may be just what we need to keep us young.

Raise your Glass to aging with sass and working toward that dream.  Don’t  let it go this time!

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A strange dream about Elton John….

Yesterday morning I had an odd dream. I was somewhere at a cozy lodge-type place. I discovered Elton John was staying there. I managed to gradually work my way near him and eventually, using my charms, I was able to start talking to him. I began confiding in him. I don’t remember what was said, but as with most of my dreams, I don’t remember details, but just how it felt.

Somewhere in this dream I began a strange physical closeness with him that was romantic, tender and incredible. I felt like I was falling in love with him and he felt the same about me. ( I know, I know, he’s gay, and not so handsome, but hey, this is a dream!) We spent a lot of time nuzzling and cuddling. It was sensual, and felt the way it does when you fall in love with someone, how the world is wayyy out there, and you and him are wrapped up in your own little cocoon.

When the time came to leave, I knew it would all end. I desperately wanted this relationship with him to continue and I tried to get his personal email, but he had this intrusive female assistant who kept trying to keep me from getting it. She was being evasive and didn’t want to help me. She acted as though I would try to stalk him and be a pain in his ass. I don’t think she knew we had a ‘thing’ going on. I think he eventually gave me his personal email behind her back.
I think the reason I dreamed this is a few days ago I was playing one of his songs and, considering I was an absolute Elton John FREAK when I was a teenager, I didn’t even know he recorded it. It’s called “Emily“. Hmmm, I wonder? (Click on the ‘Emily’ link and then after the song starts playing, hit your back button to return to my blog and listen to the song while you continue to read.)

I woke up. I miss him. :–(