Some Sunday Thoughts

I love this project as a beautiful, artistic way to  remember children lost in the Holocaust.  You just might want to make one, too.

A million and a half children perished during the holocaust.

Last night I had a meaningful sitdown with my hubby and discussed my stress and how I need to carve a little time out each day to create, paint and in general be artful.  He now understands and is encouraging me to do what I need to find that slice of joy that makes me happy.  Today I did just that-I set up an imprompteau art studio in the sun on my patio and I went out there for a couple of hours and painted and listened to music and enjoyed myself.   After all, that’s what Sunday’s are for, right?

I set up in the sun for a little outdoor painting.
Xander wanted to be outdoors with me while I painted. He's a gem.

While going through my pictures looking for photos I can transform into fun Instagram shots, I found some really good ones from my October trip to New York City.  My favorite is this one.  It was taken Uptown at the corner of 72nd St. and Central Park West.  The Dakota is on the left-that is where John Lennon lived when he was gunned down and it was also the setting for Rosemary’s Baby.  Supposedly, Mia Farrow’s character lived there.

After I finished painting in the backyard, I took off my apron and headed to Target to pick up some groceries.  While browsing the produce section, I spotted these irresistable bags of celery hearts.  Don’t you just love the bunny?  I had to buy a package.

i love these!

And just a little ways from the celery I found these beautiful flowers.

Some lucky gal is gonna get these.

I always knew this but now it’s confirmed:  My dog is an angel.  Can you see his wings?

See, he has symetrical wings. I knew it all along. 🙂

How is your Sunday going?

8 thoughts on “Some Sunday Thoughts”

  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog and commenting on the Flora Bowley post. Yes, I do feel very lucky that I was able to attend that workshop. She does seem to be teaching quite regularly all over the place just now – so maybe she will be somewhere near you soon. In any case, the other bit of good news is that she is writing a book which is due out next year. And I’m guessing that will be the next best thing to doing a class.
    For me the best part has been to get past the fear of painting ( crazy, but it did seem scary) and also not actually trying to paint something but just starting and seeing where the paint takes me. One of the things she did – for the first few layers of paint, she would turn the canvas by 90 degrees , or even upside down. She said this was so that she didn’t get too attached to any particular outcome. She then looked at the image afresh deciding which bit she liked and wanted to work on, or which bits she didn’t like and wanted to paint over.

    I’ve had a look at your art though, and you’re already producing beautiful work !
    Best wishes,


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