My beeswax collage

beeswax.collage, originally uploaded by art.harlot.

I made this collage at an art gathering at one of my Meetup groups a few months ago. I really love the theme of the middle aged woman. The wax gives it a bit of an ethereal affect.

3 thoughts on “My beeswax collage”

    1. Hi Lynn, well thank you…Xander is a beauty indeed and just as sweet inside as out. Okay, about the beeswax, it’s referred to as ‘encaustic’ and it’s fairly easy to do…..what you do is collage as normal and then, using a potpourii heater (looks like a mini crockpot) you put beeswax in. There’s a special kind you use-but I’m not sure on that, but it’s not something so difficult a little Googling can’t fix, lol). After the wax is melted in the pot, you take al natural bristle brush and dip it in the wax and start brushing the wax over the collage quickly, going back and forth from the wax to the collage until the entire artwork is covered. Now there is a technique you can use that gives the look of wax without the mess using gel medium with a drop of this and a drop of that added to it. i’m going to try that next. Wax is nice, but a little messy and the work has a waxy feel to it that I don’t really care for. I’d say just Google away for the instruction on how to do both techniques.


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