The Greens of Summer in June

It’s been raining fairly regularly here over the last week, and when that happens everything just suddenly greens up and looks spectacular. This is the first week of summer and here inmy backyard it’s beautiful. When we first moved into this house 13 years ago we had this Weeping Willow planted as a tiny tree in our back yard. It’s taken all this time to grow and stretch out it’s wide arms to look as majestic as it is now and we just love it. This tree is one of the things I love most about my house.

Of course it wouldn’t be summer with out playing Fisbee and Xander lives for it. The weather is perfect here, breezy and temperate and right now as I type this, it’s almost Autumn like.

I want to share this with you…I saw it today and it really touched my heart. I’m so heartened by this sweet dog’s ability to adjust and make the best of life with a little help from some kind humans.

A quiet window in a stone building which sits in the woods.
Xander checking to see if anyone is occupying the little hermitage at the woods.

This weeping willow is so beautiful and is one of my favorite things about living here.

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