Some A.B.C’s…thanks Lizzie

Available or married? MarriedBest Friend? CindyCake or Pie? carrot cake!Drink of choice?  Coffee with flavored creamersEssential item for every day use? Toilet PaperFavorite color? yellow orangeGoogle? Yahoo!Hometown? Chicago, ILIndulgences? Books, pedicures,highlights, fabric, Pottery Barn stuff…January or February? JanuaryKids and their names? Dave,21, Scott, 19, Caroline, 17, Andrew, 13, Jeff, 11, Life is incomplete without?  Laughter and petsMarriage date? 8.8.84Number of siblings? 0Oranges or apples? Fuji ApplesPhobias and fears? falling from high up…heightsQuote for the day? “No good deed goes unpunished”  Reason to smile?  When my kids tell me what a cool mom I am and they tell me they love me.…Season? Fall/Winter – specifically NovemberTag 3 people? I’m tagging you and you and you. Yes. You..Unknown fact about me? I’m self confident, but I haven’t much self-esteem.  Confusing? Vegetable you hate? leeksWorst habit? doing laundry and folding it, then letting it sit in the laundry baskets for like a week(or longer) before I knuckle under and put it all away. And my bawdy humor. X-rays you’ve had? Teeth, chest and feetYour fave food? Pick one?  Home made soups and stews. Zodiac sign? Aries– yes, I’m a crazy, impulsive bitch-sometimes!

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