Does this sound wonderful, or what?

arton472How about trying the quintessential Parisian experience this weekend : the « Guinguette ». The banks of the Marne just outside Paris are famous for their riverside cafés which spread out on the grass along the river and feature old-fashioned summer balls. Flowery summer dresses flirting with berets, checkered cotton tablecloths, the sounds of laughter, friends playing cards to a background of light accordeon music… you can’t help getting caught up in the joyous ambiance. Sitting under shady trees, you clink your glass of white wine with your neighbour’s as you listen to the refrains of an accordeon. A few mussels and French fries later, you just have to jump onto the dancefloor to waltz the night out.

Just another perfect summer night in Paris. (In my opinion, it beats bird sized  mosquitoes in the Northwoods any day.)

(taken from an e-advertisment from My Little Paris)

6 thoughts on “Does this sound wonderful, or what?”

  1. Well those are just gorgeous images, seriously.

    If I could only get my very real MEMORIES of stepping or sitting in dog crap every where we went when we were there in 2004, I might wanna go back. That, and having to blow my nose 3-4 times a day and dig out the black soot from the pollution – cap and trade, my arss, worked real good in Europe, eh? Sorry to rain on your little atmospheric heaven there, oops. :-))) xoxo


  2. Hey I’m right there with you. Get the CD. Make the meal. Order the wine.

    Yesterday I ordered a CD of calypso music. I’m there. I’m there.


  3. Hey Em, I’ve been feeling bad all day for being smart-assly negative about Paris. You’re a romantic and I’m not much of one anymore, so I should just not try to be funny when you want to be. Forgive me? {cheesy, hopeful grin} xoxo


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