Wednesday night ramblings…

I am so into reading these days…I have Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil going now, in addition to Icy Sparks, and now I’ve begun, Eat, Pray, Love. I love where books take me. I take something wonderful and inspiring from each novel I manage to devour. These books will take me to Savannah, Ga, Kentucky, Italy, Indonesia and India, respectively.
I look forward to two weeks at the lake where I can delve into these books and hopefully finish them. I will feel like I really accomplished something if I do.

Today I had a bit of pampering-I decided on the cheap route and went to the local cosmotology school and had a manicure, pedicure and hair cut-all for $41. I love to have my hair combed and sectioned off and trimmed. It feels so good. Except, there’s always that time while getting a shampoo that the girl always seems to miss that itchy part at the base of the back of my head. I’m lying there looking up willing her fingers to that spot with my mind. Sometimes I get bold enough to tell her “Can you get right here?” and I proceed to show quickly show her the spot.


I’m contemplating getting a tattoo somewhere on me. I only want one, and although I used to think they were a negative thing to get, I now think of them as something that could be an expression of my artsy personality. I don’t mind a little something fun to look at on my skin. I’m thinking of a spool of red thread with the thread going around my ankle as though it were an anklet. Hmmm…I’m not sure.


There are so many times I wish to just lop off my hair and have a short style for a while. The only thing holding me back is my husband who would DIE if I did that.


Lately, it’s been nice to wake up refreshed in the morning. I changed my habits a bit and am now staying up a bit later and waking up a bit later. I don’t feel tired like I used to. I feel refreshed. It helps that the days are so much longer now that summer’s almost here. No more feeling like a Lazy Jane all day because I am pooped.

Lilly is coming to the lake with us this year. She and I will walk two miles a day (God willing and if my will power endures). I also plan on art journaling to my Soul Journal prompts. This is going to be a good year. This all, in additon to spending some quality family time together.


I’ve been reading a bit of Sylvia Brown lately. I’m unsure if what she says is true. I would hope that she wouldn’t be a huge bamboozler. That would be terrible. Just awful. But, if what she says is true, she gives me hope. I wonder if spirits visit their families, and watch over us. I believe in ghosts. Do you? I’d love to see one.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday night ramblings…”

  1. I just found your blog recently and I love it! You are so honest and refreshing. I was happy to see you're reading "Midnight". It's a great book. I live in Savannah and it't a beautiful place. I do believe in ghosts, too! I used to watch Sylvia Brown on Montel. I also watch "Ghost Hunters" religiously…interesting stuff!


  2. I love the spool of thread tattoo idea! I got a tat to celebrate my 40th birthday – a Celtic knot just below my left knee. I have an idea for another one, but don't know where to put it…and I'm not sure I want more than one.


  3. The thread around the ankle is a neat idea, but remember that red fades. I have a little heart that needs to be recolored. Oh, and the ankle is a sensitive area.
    I do believe in ghosts. I believe I had one in my last house. It was a woman and I think she watched over me. She took one of my quilt blocks. Maybe it was my Mom.


  4. very interesting idea for a tatoo. I've been thinking of a butterfly. big suprise, i know! lol one day i'll put it on my back, upper left shoulder area.

    i feel your pain about your hair. my husband is the same way. only at some point i got used to the long hair and keep it for myself now. 😉


  5. I like your book choices. I read and enjoyed them.
    I had a ghost in my house (two houses ago) She visited me several times. She never scared me. I wonder if she makes herself known to the people who live there now…


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