a romantic poem

Hours before I leave.
And so I’m missing you.
I come to you in the night,
While you sleep I run my fingertips over your smooth skin, gently.
I love the feel of your curves, and I smile as I tune into you, quietly.
You move and moan in your sleep, a cocoon in your warmth, slowly.
I”m where I want to be, and my nerves tingle expectantly.
We entertwine, limbs and legs locking together, rocking.
Around we go, your scent like perfume, intoxicating.
We are together, never apart, unanimously,
Soaring and diving, I’m a man possessing a woman
who is possessing a man in a circle are we
Each waiting for the other until I’m ready and so are you.
Tossing and turning and gently kissing,
And a nuzzling nuzzle inside each other.
And when we’re done, we cling and retreat
slowly and still I am kissing you gently, gently in my mind.

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