Whitty Women’s Quotes for Sunday

“If he says that your’e too good for him, believe it!”
“The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that…women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.”
–Louise Otto, an advocate for her gender in nineteenth-century Germany

2 thoughts on “Whitty Women’s Quotes for Sunday”

  1. thankyou! i did alter it a bit because i couldnt sew the curves 🙂 & i havnt been able to reply til now because with everyone sharing the computer i dont get too much time 🙂 but it was a really lovely experience! & i also really loved all your umbrella icons on the side!!!!!!! so cosy & reassuring, cats under an umbrella in the rain, & fighting an umbrella in the wind & sleet, one of lifes very real challenges 🙂 have a lovely week!!!


  2. i love that your are putting up these quotes! woman’s history is just non-existent for the most part the further back you go. i want to know more, connect to my sisters.


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