Gratitude from the week past…

1. I’m thankful I’m healthy. I had a series of blood tests last Monday to check everything from hormones to thyroid to cholesterol and back. My ‘hope’ was that I’d have an underactive thyroid and I’d have an excuse as to why I can’t lose weight. Silly isn’t it? My blood pressure is completely within the normal range…not even the slightest bit high. The Dr. called me on Friday with the results. I’m completely, totally healthy. All my blood levels were excellent, my cholesterol is 148 (and has been that number for 15 years.) and as far as these tests can tell, there’s not a thing wrong with me. I’m thankful and deep down, I’m happy my thyroid is behaving itself. I now have no excuse.

2. I’m thankful for Shiva Oil Paintstiks. They are GREAT! I got them after Kelly Rae Robert’s recommended them in her book Taking Flight. I’m having good results! I’ll post a photo of my painting when it’s finished. I’ll bet Monet and Rembrandt and other famous painters would have loved to have these.

3. Spring break for me. My hubby went to Florida to visit his only uncle with my oldest son. I have some alone time which I’ve been craving. I’m walking the dog every day, doing art journals, reading and painting, all in between keeping up with the laundry. I also plan to start cleaning the basement, but that will come later this week.

4. On a more superficial level, I’m thankful for Garnier Ultra Lift Pro…this stuff really works good! I’m seeing results. It has SPF 20, too. The other day, my 21 year old son told me he’s glad he’s my kid because I seem to have such good genes. He told me I look like I’m 35. OMG. I was a bit flattered, and shocked. Ladies, get yourself some of this stuff!

5. I’m grateful for someone in my life who told me to stop fighting my weight. They told me instead to dress well, take care of myself, wear my hair in a nice style and accentuate the postive. Celebrate the goddess that I am because that’s what my body was programmed to be-plus size. (This came after lamenting over the test results which, I am happy they are great, but all the same, now it comes down to another reason for my weight problem. After some thought, I do realize that if I lost weight, it would be a constant, daily struggle to keep it off because it seems as if my body wants to be larger. It’s always pushing and pushing to get to the scale number I’m currently at. Look at Oprah. She can lose weight with lots of help, but the minute she lets her guard down, bam! She’s gaining it back again. That’s the same with me. BUT, when I am the size I am, I don’t gain anymore. I stay the same.

Either way, this person told me to celebrate the larger goddess that I am and stop fighting it. Just maintain my body the way it is. Continue to exercise, eat right and take my vitamins. I’m healthy despite my weight. Does that tell me something?

1 thought on “Gratitude from the week past…”

  1. Garnier, huh? I have only one specific product by Garnier Ultra Lift, and LOVE it, so far. But you’re liking it too? I may just have to look into the other products in that line. Ever hear about the hemorrohoidal treatment under the eyes?.. Maybe even in the movie “Miss Congeniality”?? I fail to see the miraculous transformation I’m looking for there! And I just KNOW someone would not suggest such a thing as a JOKE to women “of certain age” going through MENOPAUSE!! Ladies, spend your money wisely and look for the Garnier!!! :0P


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