A simple resolution for 2009

How many of you will agree whole heartedly with me on this?

This year, my resolution is to actually bring those reusable grocery bags into the store and use them instead of forgetting them in the trunk! I have so many of these and had such good intentions when I bought them, but honestly, and I think many of you will agree with me on this, that a new, good habit is very difficult to keep up.

So, beginning next trip to the grocery, (I forgot mine today!) I will make a point to bring the pretty bags inside and start using them, pronto!

6 thoughts on “A simple resolution for 2009”

  1. I always carry my bags with me 🙂 What I found really helps is to hang the bags back on the door handle the minute I’m done unpacking and putting everything away. Then I carry them to the car on my way out the door since I can’t get out of the house without touching the bags that are hanging from the door handle 🙂


  2. I use those nice sturdy large insulator bags from Sam’s club…walmart sell them also.. They hold a lot of stuff. When ever putting groeries away I also hang this on the door knob for when I go out to the garage next trip I will take it with me to the car and leave it there, plus I confess to using some plastic for bread etc…but i do reuse those at home again..LOL


  3. I too must make more of an effort. I have so many from sturdy supermarket bags, canvas, cloth, you name it I have it and where are they….at home or in the car boot. I do have a small canvas bag in my handbag though but what will that hold…Must try to remember to take them with me…Hugs Chrissy x


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