I’m tired of:

Begging and cajolling two boys to shower (occasionally) and change their clothes and brush their teeth every day.

Mollycoddling everyone-mostly my kids. Would someone please bend over backwards for me?

Letting the dogs out.

Feeding the cats.

Answering the fugging phone for the umpteenth time, only to hear a robot on the other end trying to sell me a mortgage or warranty for my car.

Trying to lose weight.


Teenagers in my house on a daily basis.


Hearing the TV run day and night.

Not being able to focus.

Feeling unfulfilled.

Doing housework-it never stays clean.

The same old vacation we take year after year. YAWN- I want something different.

The bursitis in my hip hurting.

Not seeing or hearing from my girlfriends.

Hypercritical people.

Over analyizers..

Opinionated people


Shitty neighbors.

Making excuses.

Being tired.

7 thoughts on “Languid”

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one that feels that way. Thanks what we get for being women!!
    Hugs from someone you don’t know but enjoys your Blogs
    Donna in very hat VA


  2. Boy, do I relate to some of those. MANY of them, in fact! What YOU need, my friend, is a magic wand to WHOOOOSH all the crap & crud away! Glad you spoke your mind! It’s good for the soul!


  3. That same robot keeps calling me!

    Found you site from a list on Possum’s blog. Having fun wandering around. Enjoying your sense of humor.


  4. hey Em……you bet we can hook up, we will be in Hawaii til the 7th, but anytime after that is good! Looking foward to seeing you!! Deb


  5. Well hello from another blond in Ireland really enjoyed your post my sister is whitemorn cottage and im the old schoolhouse ill be back !!!!! Angie


  6. wow I feel the same.. almost exactly.. well except I think I’m an over-analyzer.. so I’m not sure if I’m tired of that yet! And I’m ready for my same-old-vacation, since I’ve had a couple different ones for the last couple of years. So I’m ready for the Yosemite, our regular vacation spot. Have a wonderful summer!!


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