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Just a few things….

First things first. Last Friday, I went with a friend to see Sex and the City the MOVIE. I don’t think I have enough positive adjectives in my vocabulary to describe it. Fantastic. Awesome. Amazing. Fabulous-you get it by now, I’m sure. If any of you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. I thought it was perfect, and it exceeded my expectations of what I thought this movie would be like. It was, “Like butta,” as Linda Richmond on SNL’s Coffee Talk would say. I liked it so much, I’m going to take the girls in my family-my 16 year old daughter, and my 2 sons’ girlfriends to a Saturday matinee to see it. I can’t wait!

OMG…and before I forget, remember a few posts ago when I wrote about the ridiculous price of clothing worn by models for magazine fashion spreads? Do you recall the yellow sundress worn by Christie Brinkley that I love so much? THAT dress, is in the movie! There’s a scene towards the beginning where Carrie is in a Diane Von Furstenberg store shopping and she’s talking on the phone, standing by a mannequin that is wearing that exact sundress. Wow!

Today I was zinging old magazines in the garbage, but I first spent time paging through them in search of interesting blog fodder. I came upon a 12 year old women’s magazine called New Woman. Before I tossed it, I ripped out a little mini article titled “Friendship is Fattening.” The paragraph states that when women (girlfriends) gather, waistlines usually expand. Turns out when we chat we also chew-particularily sweets and other goodies high in calories. Seems women in pairs or groups consume around 700 calories-nearly twice the amount downed by women who ate alone. The research was conducted on college women at the University of Toronto. Despite the drawbacks of overconsuming, really, what’s better than food, friends and frivolities? To hell with research studies. I’m tired of denying myself!

Watch what you order girls, next time you do lunch with a friend. Stick to the salad.

Now this whole diet thing is really pissing me off. Sorry to sound so surley, but I’m beginning to feel self -defeated. I’ve had to stay off of exercise because I have a bad case of bursitis in my left hip. Wonderful. It seems like everytime I try to exercise to help myself, my body turns against me. When I finish, after a week or so my joints begin to crack, pop and hurt. Besides my throbbing hip, my left shoulder joint is really causing me some major discomfort when I workout, too. Despite my defeatest feelings (and the fact that while walking from my son’s graduation last Saturday, my husband told me my butt and my stomach were getting bigger-AACK!), I won’t give up. I am now going to focus more on the calories going in…and the bread factor. I need to give up bread. I described my level of bread-love most accurately to my daughter the other day. Here’s the order: God, family, bread & butter. There, you have it. Not one of the three would be easy to give up, hence my dilemma. I like bread more than cupcakes-and that’s saying something. I was a good girl today. I ate an Italian beef sandwich for lunch-open face an consumed only a tiny portion of the bread. I fed 3/4 of the roll to my salivating dalmation. After all, he doesn’t care about carbs, and he downs it so fast, I don’t have time to change my mind and take the bread back. I feel good watching him eat it because I know I did a good thing for myself by not swallowing that horrible, delicious bun, soggy with beef juice. What carb challenges will tomorrow bring?
To wrap this up, I have some thoughts on the Lunching With Friends Expanding Waistline Theory. Although being with my girlfriends may be bad in a sense that it will make me fatter, the trade off is that being with them is good for my heart. That, in itself is a benefit we can all stand to reap.

5 thoughts on “Just a few things….”

  1. Oh boy bread . . . yeah, carbs are my downfall, too. And the fact that I just don’t enjoy going to the gym. lol My dog gets some bread, too. 🙂



  2. The movie was well worth the trip. I really enjoyed it! I swear I’m going for Lypo one day because the lovehandles are driving me bonkers too. I intend on fighting the good fight but I know how you feel Em. Thats the story of my life. Lol!


  3. Em, I’m so glad you got to see & enjoy the movie! As for the bread/exercise/SIZE issue – you are STUNNING! Don’t cut OUT bread – just eat a BIT of it. And until the attack of bursitis is over, try stretching and that sort of thing. If you’re near a pool, water aerobics is PERFECT! No pain there! What do I know with my round body? I taught dance & step aerobics at Bally’s for 3 years until the Lupus finally messed with my legs too much to continue. I STILL work out 6 mornings a week (2 hours) and often have to be pretty creative to find ways to manage without my legs really being strong enough. So you can do a little bit & eat a little of your bread & STILL remain as beautiful as you are! And the trick to eating out with girlfriends is planning ahead & sticking to your plan. Decide you’ll have a salad or whatever BEFORE you go, then automatically order that. Fill up on conversation and GIGGLES! And whatever you weigh or whatever size you are or however much bread you eat – YOU ROCK!


  4. Glad you enjoyed the movie, I’ve yet to see it..Don’t quit the exersise because of a bit of pain..just slow down and take it easy for awhile..My knee always flairs up but after a month or so, it’s not even a bother..just take it sloooooowwwwer..you can do this!!!!


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