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Just a funny little thought…

Okay, I just got to thinking about Hillary possibly winning the election since she won the crucial state of Pennsylvania tonight. So. If Hillary does indeed become the first woman president, what on earth do we call Bill? The “first husband?”

Well, I got it. How’s this…considering his ‘reputation’ and weakness for women, I thought the most appropriate name for him would be, “The First Ladies Man.” Don’t you agree? I wanted to get this out there before anyone else thought of it.

What do you all think? Got a better title than that? Top me!

Haha….First Ladies Man….lol…perfect!

3 thoughts on “Just a funny little thought…”

  1. Haven’t thought about it at all but I have thought about the First Ladies job of picking out the White House China. I wonder what pattern he will pick? Lol!

    I really hope she doesn’t win. There is no way I want her running this country.


  2. creative visualization! i read that book recently, i raved about it on my channel 🙂 good book, very helpful. just reminds me that i need to put more of what she said into practice! i’ve skipped my mantra/affirmations the past two days, shame on me.

    yes, that is funny, i lol when i first read it! lol 🙂 keep them coming!


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