Look what arrived in the mail box today! Remember several posts ago when I was sick on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself with a terrible cold? I bought myself a pin off an etsty seller from the U.K., named Paraphenalia. I love this pin, and it finally arrived today. Happy belated birthday to me!

Just wanted to show it to you …this vintage lady has a large, fish hat. Isn’t she beautiful?

2 thoughts on “Paraphenalia”

  1. WOOOOHOOOO! Blogger was being contrary yesterday & wouldn’t let me comment to your blog! So I’m glad I tried again this morning! LOVE your new pin! It’s a beauty! (And I hope you are TOTALLY over the cold!)Also, rather than press my luck by trying to comment to your previous post too, I’ll do it HERE! Nora E. cracks me up! Love her writing – love HER! And Em, you stop hiding that neck! You are 100% gorgeous! Puleeeeeeze – turtlenecks not needed for YOU!


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