Back to school this week

Dave, my oldest will be off next saturday for Carbondale. It’s back to the dorm for him and the semester starts again. I will miss him, but with luck, he’ll be home to stay after Christmas break. He’s hoping to transfer to UIC in downtown Chicago and commute. We have our fingers crossed that he’ll get accepted.

My other kiddo’s start week after next. Gosh, this summer went fast! I’m ready…it’ll be nice to have my 6 hour days free once again while they’re in class.

Anyone else happy school begins soon?

2 thoughts on “Back to school this week”

  1. Is it that time already? Where has the summer gone? I’m here on a mission Goode friend Em~ You are one of the nicest gals on here and I still chuckle thinking back to when you called and gave your “Lena” the crow impression. With it all, know that I tag you honorably~ and you can pick up the banner on my blog. Keep those writings coming along~ I enjoy them!


  2. I just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy it but was so surprised and pleased to read your “Back to School” entry and see your reference to my alma mater! Go Salukis!!!!


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