Yearning for Autumn

Oh so lovely violet bulky yarn….ahh.

Baskets of dyed wool ready to be spun.

Firey orange Bittersweet

It happens to me at least four times a year. As soon as I get through three quarters of a season, I begin to get an urge for a change in the weather.
Does this happen to you? Maybe it’s just me, tired of the steamy heat and wishing I could throw my windows open and actually get a cooling breeze. Not today, not this week. I like my AC wayyy too much.

Today I was searching ebay for wool yarns I use for packaged doll hair in my ebay store. I quickly became enchanted by the autumny yarn colors and began thinking of cozy warm sweaters. I want to begin knitting again. Maybe this will be the year I’ll learn how to knit that sweater. Learning how to read a knitting pattern would be extremely gratifying to me. I guess I’ll need to start going back to Stitch N Bitch meetings on Tuesday nites so the women can teach me.
Yesterday, as I was organizing my digital photos into specific folders in my C drive, I came across some beautiful pictures I had completely forgotten about. Last fall, a few of my friends and I travelled up to the Chicago Botanic Garden to visit the Country Living Fair. It was an incredible event! There were artisans, delicious food, pumpkins and country sites to be seen everywhere. I took some yummy photos and I wanted to share them with you. At least, if anything, you too, will begin to yearn for crispy, cool air and the rustling of fallen leaves.
I placed an order for the yarns I need, but I also found a lovely bulky yarn I just had to posess. It is the most beautiful shade of heathery violet. Until Autumn arrives, I’m digging out my knitting needles and getting ready for the change–of seasons that is. After all, Labor Day is just around the corner.

1 thought on “Yearning for Autumn”

  1. Oh Em~ great pics! I’m always so torn between letting go of summer and wishing Autumn would last so much longer than it does. The trees are starting to change up at my parent’s home…an early autumn perhaps? Thanks for the warm fuzzy!



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