This is OLIVER…speaking of fluffy, cozy things…

I just finished writing about longing for autum and I saw Oliver, my youngest of 4 felines, lying atop a pile of wool I have to sell on ebay. Ollie, Ollie, Ollie…you always seem to gravitate to just the spots you shouldn’t be! He looked so fluffy and the urge to bury my nose in his furry chest was hard to resist. I snapped a quick digital and just had to share him. He’s wonderful and friendly, and guaranteed to lower your blood pressure by 10 points with just a few strokes of his fur.

3 thoughts on “This is OLIVER…speaking of fluffy, cozy things…”

  1. Out of all your cats Em, Oliver is my friend and I would honestly take him home with me. I just loves when he comes up to me and licks me. He has one fantastic personality.


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