Arrivederci Sopranos

My favorite show on HBO, The Sopranos is almost at it’s end. This Sunday marks the last episode of the season and of the series. It’s been long and drawn out, and frankly a bit boring at times. Seems all the action was saved for the last 3 episodes.

Just in the last two weeks, Tony was ‘fired’ by his psychologist, Dr. Melfi. Silvio is in the hospital dying of gunshot wounds and Christopher’s death was brought on literally at the hand of Tony. Mr. Soprano and what’s left of his gang, are hold up in an undisclosed location, waiting for all hell to break loose, and hoping to not get whacked by Phil Leotardo’s men. Carmella and family have left for a safer place until it all blows over. What will Sunday bring? Is Tony going to die, or will he be completely immasculated by the loss of his men, only to crawl under a rock in hiding until the script for the movie is written?

To me, as much of a bad guy as Tony is, there is and always has been something very sexy about him. I will miss him. I always secretly wished I was one of his ‘Gomara’s’…he seems like he’d be fun to be with if you know what I mean…irregardless that he is always making love with his boxer shorts on.

Last Fall, I used to belong to a knitting group and one of the women who ran it told me her husband went to college with James Gandolfini. At school, James was a bit of a nerd. Her husband said Jim was really big into playing Dungeons and Dragons and had an elf character named Iniflodnag–Gandolfini spelled backwards. She remembered this because just that week before our meeting she had been cleaning out some old papers of her husband’s and found Jame’s character sheet he used for Iniflodnag, that recorded all his hit points and character attributes. She said she should have sold it on eBay, but didn’t consider it at the time. I found that to be a very interesting story. Guess who elses husband is also into D&D since forever? Mine! He’s also Italian and he doesn’t wear boxers–ever. I’ll leave it at that. Caio!

4 thoughts on “Arrivederci Sopranos”

  1. I just read this morning that Steve Van Zandt said the only movie would be a prequel, so that opens the door for everyone to get whacked. I also love the show, but it feels like the took FOREVER to develop the storyline and are now cramming it all into the last two hours.
    BTW, great blog! Found you off P&R board. Mary


  2. Em….Im beyond sad about losing the Sopranos…first they took sex and the city, now this? I dont know if you remember but you met my hubby when you were here, hes Italian, looks a bit like Tony, and, well, I will leave the boxer question to the imagination…lets just say, “real Italians dont wear boxers”! SO, is Tony gonna get whacked???????


  3. Oh, Deb, I know~~I hate losing all the good shows. I can’t get enough of Sex and the City, and can watch the reruns over and over. Mr. Big is another one of my fantasies…I got to meet Chris Noth in NYC when I went there in Oct. of ’05. He was working the bar he owns and he was there the entire time, walking back and forth, making me crazy. He’s big and beautiful…Roman nose and all!


  4. What a sexy picture of Tony!!!! I am so sorry that show is going off the air. This Sunday is going to be very upsetting. My husband and I are afraid of what is going down. Oh I hope Tony does not die!!!


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