Ever Get Kissed by a Cat?

An article by Pat Johnson-Bennett for Yahoo Pets

You may or may not be aware of cat kisses, but they’re something cat lovers have talked about for years. Some believe in them and some don’t. I happen to be a believer in the ever-subtle — but extremely endearing — cat kiss.
If you’re envisioning your favorite feline puckering up and planting a whisker-tickling smooch on your cheek, you’re on the wrong track. A cat kiss is actually a very slow blink of the cat’s eyelids.
Cat kisses are given to other cats, and to some lucky humans. It’s usually reserved for a companion with whom the cat is familiar and friendly. You can even return a cat kiss with your own slow blink.

The next time you’re sitting on the couch and your kitty is relaxed on the chair across the room, pay close attention — because she may be offering a cat kiss. Her posture will be relaxed with her facial muscles also relaxed. Her eyelids will ever-so-gently close and reopen. You’ve just been kissed!
Don’t attempt cat kisses with unfamiliar cats or ones who are stressed and anxious. You don’t want to offer a direct stare to an unhappy or conflicted kitty. Reserve cat kisses for those relaxed and happy moments with the cats in your life.

Yes, I get ‘kissed’ by all four of my cats, especially Fletch, who just adores me for reasons unknown. Chaz, my black cat is also a big ‘kisser.’ I truely love my fur babies. They all know their names, usually come when they are called and also love me and my family. I can’t imagine life without all four of the silly gooses. This photo is of CHAZ, and he was just in the middle of blinking me a kiss when I snapped the photo. Sweet, eh?

3 thoughts on “Ever Get Kissed by a Cat?”

  1. I’ve noticed that blinking/kissing thing a lot with my black cat…maybe because I can see his eyes “stand out” from all of black!


  2. because i live in an apartment (and don’t want to pay the $500 pet deposit), i tend to adopt a nearby kitty and make friends with it. my current kitty is named bob. i think she’s a girl (haven’t looked, but she doesn’t seem like a tomcat!). bob got her name because she has just a little nub of a tail (as in “bobbed off”). after i named her, the little girl that bob actually belongs to told me that the kitty’s name is spongebob squarepants. POOR KITTY!!! lol! bob will come up to me and rub against me and let me rub her head and scruffle her ears, but she doesn’t like to be picked up at all. if i’m sitting on the steps, sometimes she will go up higher than i am and then walk onto my lap, but she rarely stays there very long. bob’s people seem to be getting ready to move. i’ll be sad to see bob go. 😦

    another kitty that i had a few years ago (also an “adoptee”) was named “underfoot.” she was a sleek black feline and she got her name because that’s where she spent most of her time … under my feet. i let her in the house quite often and generally when i got up to go into another room, “underfoot” was right there too, under foot! one of underfoot’s endearing qualities was that she liked to eat uncooked egg noodles. she’d only eat a couple at a time, but i thought that was amusing. many days, she’d just curl up and sleep the entire afternoon away … tucked into a cupboard!


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