Look what I found in Target’s parking lot…

This poor gal was lying face down on the asphalt just in front of the cart corral in my local Target parking lot. I wonder who she belonged to and how she ended up outside of the car she was ‘bobble dancing’ in. I thought about it for a brief moment and imagined a mother probably handed the Hawaiian Girl to her little kid to hold on to while being pushed around in Target as a form of entertainment, I suppose. She didn’t suffer a scratch from her fall, but her grass skirt was opened, exposing her ‘bobble butt’ for all to see. I picked her up and quickly tucked her safely inside my purse and brought her home. I glued her skirt and now it’s permanently in place. She now lives next to my computer, standing still, wanting to dance so badly, I’m sure. However, in my opinion her bobble dancing days are over, unless there’s an earthquake that is.

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