Overnight escape to Laura’s Camper for some girl time.

Saturday morning Cindy and I went with Laura to her camper at the Yogi Bear Campground in Amboy, Il. It was really nice! Laura drove, and it was very relaxing to just sit and let someone else do the driving. I had been looking forward to escaping with my girlfriends all week. I was longing for a chance to just sit and talk, spill our guts, vent and sort it all out.

Laura is trying to get over a difficult breakup with her boyfriend of 7 years and the love of her life. Cindy, who was widowed almost 4 years ago, is finally setting her sites on dating. We’re trying to figure out where the heck does someone find a good guy these days? Me, I’m just trying to sort out life, and vent a little. We all need eachother.

We had some riotous fun, too…at the near expense of my life! Laura took us on a wild golf cart ride, over steep hills and treacherous paths. She told me to sit in the back, ‘to distribute the weight’ more evenly. Haa! I think she knew what was in store for me. I held on for dear life to the two roof supports, all the while laughing so hard, I was holding back the pee. My ass was boucing so hard, I was butt boogyin’ in the air, dangerously close to flying off. If it wasn’t for my clouded stroke of genius that gave me the split second idea to hook my foot under the seat bar, I surely would have suffered a fractured ass! I’m such a dope, I brought one of Laura’s books with, and instead of holding on as best I could with both hands, I was forced to have a partial grip on the book with the bar, and that almost did me in. I was so nervous the book would fly out of my hand and I’d lose it forever. Laura would have killed me because she is so very anal about her books! The ride was so wild and bouncy, the lock that hung around the support bar whipped around and smashed into her left head light, causing it to pop out and break. We had to drive back and look for the glass headlight that catapulted out on impact. I was the hero, I found it.

I survived the ride, and we all had a fantastic laugh…too good, I think, because I had to rush to the bathroom the second I got back to the camper.

The best part was sitting around the fire just talking, laughing and sharing. We enjoyed some Mikes Hard Lemonades to loosen us up. I can’t tell you what we said, though, because what’s said at the camper stays at the camper. We took the Yogi pledge, you know.

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