Memories of Grandpa’s farm, 1960’s

I was searching through an old box of photos and stumbled upon these childhood photos of me when I was young and sweet. These were taken at my grandpa’s farm in Tennessee. Almost every year, my mom and I used to take a train down South to drop me off. I’d stay for a month during the summer until my dad got his vacation, then they would both drive down, stay a week and we’d all drive home.

I think these photos are almost ethereal. They are just beautiful to me. I don’t remember feeding the chickens, but I’m glad there are photos that show I did. The most precious photo to me is the one with my dad. He was a wonderful father and I will love him always. I was the proverbial ‘Daddy’s Girl.’ I’ve been without him for 26 years now and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. He’s always there in the back of my mind, right where God lives in me and where the thoughts of everyone else are that I love.

Me, age 3, and my father, Emil Steiner

Sitting on grandpa Herman’s lap.

Feeding the chickens, age 4

Feeding the chickens, age 7

1 thought on “Memories of Grandpa’s farm, 1960’s”

  1. I love these pictures….isn’t it funny how old pictures can bring back such great memories. That’s the one thing about being a child…we are so “in the moment” in everything we do….I try to grasp that whenever I can.


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