Things I Love Thursdays

Things I Love Thursday

I thought with the beginning of the new year I’d start a little something different over here at Urban Sparrow-I’m going to use Thursdays as my day to blog about things I love from the past week, hence the title, Things I Love Thursdays.  This will probably cover a variety of things from new products I’ve used to rediscovering something old to experiences I’ve had and blogs I’ve found on the web.  So, for week one, here goes~

1.  I am completely in love with a food.  I’ve discovered GREEK YOGURT.  In particuliar, I discovered Chobani brand.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It’s so good. If you can imagine yogurt with the thick, creamy consistency of pudding.  Naturally sweet. I quadruple it’s nutritional value by stirring in a tablespoon of mill roasted flaxseeds with blueberries  which makes the yogurt absolutely delicious.  Speaking of flaxseeds…

2.  Flaxseed Oil and Evening of Primrose Oil suppliments.  I convinced my daughter to take these plus a magnesium supliment with calicum and zinc.  She tells me she’s feeling happier-and it’s only been a week.  I’ve been taking these suppliments for over two weeks and I can honestly say I feel so much better.  Flaxseed has Omega 3 oils and Evening of Primrose has Omega 6 oils which have been known to help burn fat cells among a plethora of other healthy benefits.  I really recommend everyone take these-but, of course, check with your Dr. first because you want to be sure it doesn’t interfere with any prescription meds you may be taking or with any health conditions you may have.  Menopausal women hear this, these two healthy oils will do your menopause symptoms good.  Read the links I’ve provided and see for yourself.

3.  Scrabble.  I’ve rediscovered it and have really been enjoying playing it with friends and my kids.  My friend Laura and I have evenings where we play for hours.  As a wordophile, this game can’t be beat for  having fun with words.















4.  Carol King.  On New Years Eve, I had a bit of  a stomach flu and spent the evening on the sofa flipping channels between a WTTW HD version of an evening with Carole King and James Taylor  and a musical special filmed at Darryl Hall’s home.  I fell in love all over again with Carole King’s songs.  It was fun to sing along, and know every word.  It’s amazing how when you grow up with songs the lyrics are engrained in your brain from so much exposure.  Fun.


5.  My favorite blog of the week-Dreamy Whites.   This blog is inspiring me to add a bit of white out to my home-in particuliar my bedroom.  I was able to begin my rooms transformation with a little help from IKEA.  New creamy white lamps and muslin-y curtains help add splashes of cream to my room.  Photos will come soon!