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What constitutes your personal style?

Why can’t you wear black shoes like all the other mother’s?” whined Anouk, to her mother, Vianne, from the movie Chocolat. She seemed bothered that all the townspeople thought different of her mom because she had a very original style (among other, more questionable traits)-that emerged from having the confidence to wear red high heels on a daily basis. Good for her. And I mean that sincerely.

Have you ever met someone that has a signature sense of style? They always seem put together and have a look that’s all their own. I’m not saying it’s totally important, but it is a fun thing to do. Do any of you know Diane Keaton loves turtlenecks? Yes, she wears them quite often and that alone, could be her signature style. In Diane’s movie, “Something’s Gotta Give,” her character, (like her real life self) wears turtlenecks in almost every scene. Remember Barbara Bush’s double pearl necklace she wore on most public appearances? Can you think of any other women you know, both famous and average Janes who’ve managed to capture a unique style that’s all their own?

How do you achieve a signature style? Think about your hair style. Do you sweep your hair up into a French twist every moring before you head to the office, or do you have a sexy, swingy short style that makes you immediately recognizable from a distance?

Stop and think about the things you love to wear. How about donning a fashionable scarf that gives you a bit of a rock star vibe-maybe a silky neckscarf will transform you into a chic faux French woman, if that’s what you’re going for. Some gals carry a trademark type of purse. Do you have a signature pair of eyeglasses you wear regularily that make you look really smart and at the same they scream “I’m a creative Diva!” An example of a woman with a sassy style is Helle Greer. She’s looks so fabulous with her artsy black frames and her very cute hair style.

When you’ve read everything here, hop over to her blog. She has a very recognizable look that’s all her own.

Are you someone who prefers a clutch over a large shoulder bag? If you do, make clutches your signature style. Have various clutches in different colors and sizes. (I own one that was used as a prop on Sex and the City. It’s vintage and divine!) Use your imagination, and seek out something colorful and fashionable that speaks your name. If you strive for a signature style, just figure out what it is you really like to wear or accessorize with often enough make it into a regular, personal fashion statment. Remember, too, it isn’t just clothing and accessories that help create your unique look, it can be something as simple as wearing the same color lipstick.

I mention red shoes at the beginning of this post because for a time I liked wearing red shoes. It was a pleasant surprise while watching Chocolat to see Vianne had the same fashion sensibility as myself-she loved her red high heels. I own a pair of red Mary Janes similiar to the ones the girl above is wearing. I don’t feel sexy in them, but I do feel a bit sassy, and artsy. There’s just something about red shoes that sets you apart from the rest.

I’m am in the process of finding my own signature style. For one, my long, blond hair is what makes me noticable and familiar. I just purchased a new pair of sassy glasses, and maybe those will morph into a personal fashion statement.

I think thrift shops are a great place to start when begining to search out a signature style or if you already have it figured out, it makes a fantastic, inexpensive place to collect the things you love. You can find so many wonderful, vintage items for a song. Discover the thrill of the hunt and make the second hand shops a weekly shopping event. You just may be able to discover something that suits your fancy and spells out your name. Have fun!