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In the mood for some French sewing…

Yesterday, I had a 40% off coupon from Borders, so I trekked out to the store and scoured the arts and crafts shelves for a book that will inspire me and catapult me back into my sewing room. I’ve been itching to start sewing something that will make my heart happy. I purchased from Target a cotton Shabby Chic curtain panel with the full intention of transforming it into a cloth purse or something more.

I discovered this beauty of a book called Simple Sewing with a French Twist by Celine Dupuy. It is like heaven to hold in your hands! The cover is exquisite with beautiful photography and colors and with a lovely texture. Inside lie some very simple projects and its absolutely what I was looking for. Celine Dupuy is a French woman, and she named all her projects with dreamy French words and French names. Take for example the Moulin Rouge lace curtains above. Aren’t these simple and don’t they look so lovely and vintage? Of course she doesn’t instruct you how to tat these from scratch, rather, she shows you how to take a pair of existing lace curtains and turn them into these using simple beading.

My 3 girlfriends and I are planning a trip to New Orleans for a girlfriend getaway the first week of September, and I just might have to make myself a ‘Coquette cover-up’ for after my showers at the hotel. The book has a pattern for a cloth purse. That would be wonderful to sew up and take with me (I’m thinking summery Shabby Chic pink roses!) I’m feeling so inspired, I might make a Rive Gauche Carryall for each of us to use while strolling through the French Quarter. Quite fitting, don’t you think?

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Back from France-ER-the North Woods!

This white Westie on the beach was such a delight!

My son Scott just after a swim.

Sons David & Scott

A sunshine salute from daughter Caroline (my co-photographer at large)

My husband lending a hand for the “Hail to my underwear” song at the closing campfire.

A French vignette at Ann Marie’s captured by Caroline

Another touch of France by Caroline.

French fleur’s

A hydrangea from Ann Marie’s outdoor garden.

Striped pricey pottery from France

Outside of Ann Marie’s, a little replica of a French cottage

My beach feet in Havaianas. (my favorite celebrity flip flop-the Original)

An assortment of authentic French postcards purchased by yours truly.

Little painted metal birds with black/cream french striped cloth ribbons. These grace my black wrought iron candelabra just over the kitchen table.

I had to bring home these irresistable French soaps. They smell heavenly and I am going to use them!

A wildflower meadow we encountered on the way to town. What a happy chance meeting!

Caroline captured this image of the sky reflected in the water.

This is the view off the beach at Camp Nawakwa.

An overly friendly chipmunk…

My husband Larry and I…feeling reconnected and happy.

Last week was our annual family vacation to the North Woods in Wisconsin. We had a very nice time, and felt rejuvinated when we arrived back home. From the photos, you might have thought we just flew back from a week in the French countryside. I want to share our photos with you. I will have a more substantive post tomorrow.

One of my favorite highlights was going to town with my daughter and her friend. I stopped in at my most loved shop, Ann Maries in Minocqua. There they sell gourmet coffee, imported, pricey (but beautiful) pottery from France, Italy and England and other irrestable frivolities from France. Nothing from China here. The shop smells absolutely divine and if you are looking to be visually stimulated, then you’ve reached the place.

The camp had something new this year-‘comfort bike’ rentals. (If you read this blog regularly, you know that the bike is something I’m warming up to) My husband asked me if I wanted to take a ride with him on this snowmobile route he heard of that is scenic with a wooden bridge that stretches over a lake. I said yes, and we headed out. It was thoroughly enjoyable! I felt like I was prepared for the steep hills on the way, since I have been going to the gym for well over a year and have done spinning as part of my workout. I wasn’t winded and my legs were strong enough to get me through the many miles we pedaled that day. Larry and I haven’t rode bikes together since we were teenagers. This was a really enjoyable day. I think I’m going to have to find myself a good quality ‘comfort bike’ and purchase it. It’s nothing like the bike I have in the garage. This one seems to be made for an achy 45 year old woman (or an achy 48 year old man!)

I almost finished my David Sedaris book…only 30 more pages till I’m finished. Twas a good week!