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Kleenex please: There’s boogers all over Miller Park!

Okay, my wish is coming true-we kicked the snot out of the Brewers tonight and yesterday we beat ’em, too. This is a good thing! We are now 3 games ahead of Milwaukee in a solid first place position!
Here’s some photos from yesterday’s game. It was amazing to be at Miller Park….I’d say about a 1/4 to 1/3 of the fans were supporters of the Cubs. Yes, it was snot swimming in a sea of blue tonight. The score was 7-1, and we looked WONDERFUL! Tonight I stayed home and watched the game on TV, and enjoyed every minute of it! Tonight’s eye candy was Geovany Soto and just for cuteness sake, I’ll throw in Mike Fontenot (my husband affectionately calls him ‘Snotnose Fontenot’). He looks like a major league morph of Owen Wilson-only cuter and shorter.

Something of substance will be flowing out of my fingertips shortly, right now I have houseguests and CUBS GAMES!!! If any of my readers are Brewers fans, I truly am sorry. I don’t mean to rub it in…it’s just, well, it’s never happened to the Cubs-the World Series and all-at least not in recent history. We have so many hopes for this season. This year it’s been 100 years since the Cubs were in a World Series. Is it just possible, this year, history may repeat it’s self?

God, do you have a minute?

Last night’s gathering after the win!

Eye candy!

Me and my son Dave in the car after the game…deleriously happy!

Andrew, my 4th, in the car afterwards, posing for a happy shot…

In the back of the van with my boys….going home after the game. Drew was only pretending to be snoozing and David doesn’t always look like a gnarly pirate.

My husband high fiving all the Cubs fans afterward. It was absolute euphoria joining in with all our fellow Chicago lovers. It was almost better than a win at Wrigley!

Chicago Cubs

House guests arrive in two days!!

This Thursday sometime my husband’s uncle and aunt arrive from Florida for our second annual Chicago Cubs game marathon. We are all typical Cubs fans-diehard & lifelong & most sincere. You know, the forever fans with a touch of Maschoism thrown in for good measure? Who else would be able to endure years of disappointment, pain and heart break, only to come back for more come April? Only true Chicago fans, that’s who. To celebrate our sainthood, we’ve got tickets to 10 or 11 games, and that alone should tell you how crazy we all are. It’s gonna be back and forth to Wrigleyville on the ‘L’ train to see our beloved boys of summer! It’s so worth it!

So it’s time to tidy up and ready the house for guests! I’m going to roll out the Aero bed and pump it full of air, scrub the bathroom from top to bottom and lay out some lovely welcoming items for when they arrive.

I’m looking forward to having them at our house…they’re laid back, fun, helpful and entertaining. They don’t complain-except when the Cubs lose. And hopefully there won’t be any of that going on. It’s time to forget about sweeping the dirt, it’s time to SWEEP SOME SERIES! Go Cubs Go!