Amy Sedaris, David Sedaris, gall bladder

Feelin’ Poopy

I have to apologize for my absence on my blog. It’s not for lack of desire, it’s from lack of energy. Ever since I came home from my North Woods vacation last week, I’ve been feeling wiped out. I’m tired, every joint and muscle in my body aches and my stomach problem is flaring up again. I went to the Dr. today and they took 5 vials of blood to test me for food allergies and also for other problems that could be causing my digestive upsets. Quick explanation-I got the gall bladder removed 12 years ago after baby #4. Ever since then, when I eat certain foods, (which I still have been unable to pinpoint) I get this pseudo-gallbladder attack kind of pain, that starts with a horrible burning under my right rib and I then progress to chills, cold sweats and abdominal bloating that is so uncomfortable, I have to do my labor breathing techniques to get through the pain, and it lasts hours. It’s bizarre, happens infrequently, but lately its been more often. I hate it so much, and dread eating for fear of another attack because it is so uncomfortable.

I finished my new David Sedaris book, When Your Engulfed in Flames and it was really good. I loved it. Now, I’m going back to finish the Dress Your Family in Cordoury book he had out a couple years ago. I love his funny takes on his past experiences, particularly the ones he shared as a kid with his 5 other brothers and sisters, the one sister being the very well known, Amy Sedaris.

I’ll be back soon….there’s so much I want to talk about. But until then, I sit and wait for blood test results. Miss you all.