A Contract of Sorts….My Aha Moment.

I just got the latest issue of Spirituality and Health Magazine yesterday and was enjoying the article on Elizabeth Gilbert about the holy calling of creativity.  First off, let me just say I love Ms. Gilbert.  She is such a wise old soul….every word out of her mouth is like music to my ears and words to live by.

I have been wrestling with validating the importance of  making art and making time to make art, while simultaneously combating the negative force going against me (in that department) who has shown up as my opponent in this match.  Without naming names and their relationship to me, I am trying to convince myself that what I am doing is important, it’s what I need to do,  it’s what I was born to do (thank you Priscilla!).  But my wrestling partner always seems to get the edge on me, causing self doubt and feeding me thoughts of whether the art I strive to make is legitimate and worth my time.  I know it is.  And as much as I put every ounce of strength into pinning this bad guy down sometimes I lose my hold on him.   It is difficult to not let those ugly words sink in and warp the stronghold of my soul.

Ms. Gilbert has written something in this article that has made me think.  Yes, I’m taking ownership of her words and I want to share them with you here and make them my own.  Because now that I’ve read her words of wisdom, they become my mini manifesto.

‘I was given a contract, and the contract is: “We are not going to tell you why, but we gave you this capacity.  Your side of the contract is that  you must devote yourself to this in the highest possible manner, you must approach it with the greatest respect, and you must give your whole self to this.  And then we will work with you on making progress.” That’s sort of what it feels like for me.

My contract is one of creating art and never doubting my purpose or intent in this life and especially not allowing anyone to get in my head and cause me to feel otherwise.  To my wrestling nemesis: If you can’t support me in my artistic endeavors, then just leave me alone.  And keep your damn mouth shut because I have a contract binding to my soul.


9 thoughts on “A Contract of Sorts….My Aha Moment.”

  1. Nice blog..straight from the heart!

    Ur artwork is beautiful, something u enjoy doing and is a big part of who u are. Why not do it? God has made u this way and has given u the chance in life to express who u are thru art.

    Some people enjoy computers(techies), some people write books and some people just exist with no meaning to their life. U found ur niche. U also have a talent for writing. Maybe someday u could write a book and illustrate it yourself too. That would be an awesome achievement!

    Keep painting with ur head held high and never stop blogging!



  2. Some of the greatest theoretical quantum physicists/philosophers- Amit Gaswami, for instance- have postulated the uniquely-human capacity for creativity to be the highest, the most purposeful form of human calling. This includes things like science and art, philosophy, movies and plays and books- and whatever other product of human ingenuity that can only exist following periods of contemplative self-reflection.

    Exploring the depths of human creativity is not simply an obligation; it is our duty.


    1. And if we’re talking about who I think we are, remember all the countless hours A DAY the man’s putting into serious art contemplation. Movies, music, even the occasional foray into writing. Now THERE’S a person who reveres the creative arts. He’s an imperfect person who says imperfect things for imperfect reasons.


  3. Thanks for sharing. I so look forward to your blogs. They’re like a good book that i can’t put down. Embrace the gift that God has given you and share it. If you don’t, he’ll take it away.

    You’re not only a great artist, you’re a wonderful writer! Can’t wait for your next blog



  4. I love the idea of a contract. it makes it all so clear. some one once said to me if addiction is a fish tank with eleven ping pong balls in it and each one can be held down with one finger, how can you get rid of the eleventh one? the answer is to empty the tank. SOme how I think that this applies to you too. not the addiction part but maybe, using the wrestling analogiy, asking yourself why you are agreeing to get onto the wrestling mat in the first place.


    1. Thank you Martha, that’s an interesting analogy and you just might be right on that one. I’m going to think on it. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave me a comment…I really appreciate it.


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