Monday Thoughts

*Today is one of those days-I woke up in a funk and feel a subtle cloud of sadness over me that just won’t lift.  I’m not sure where it’s coming from or what sets it off.  I’m feeling so emotional these days…I cry at the drop of a hat and get angry over the smallest things. I think peri-menopause is rearing it’s ugliness in my head and I don’t like it.   Pain makes me sad and I’ve been suffering with very arthritic knees.  They bother me and keep me from doing the simplest things.  I actually had to drop a yoga class because I couldn’t do the positions.  What a bummer to be hindered by my joints.  Today my knees were really sore  and it’s affecting my mood.  Could it be related?

*We are all where we are for a reason.  The person we are (shape, sex, caste, race, etc.) is who we are intended to be for a specific purpose.  Learn to accept who you are and love yourself.  Be yourself-everyone else is taken.

*I need to forgive myself for being overweight.  I struggle with this every day of my life.  It gets me down and depressed.  Despite the fact that I’m curvy and heavy I love myself enough to start cutting myself some slack.  I FORGIVE MYSELF.

*  Be a ‘Life Experience Processor’.   Let the experiences come in and get absorbed by osmosis-whatever, and let them be ‘processed’ internally and then released back into the universe as more positive energy.  Let good come from the bad.  Make yourself a living filter for making this world a better place.  I’m capable of that.

* I have a few preliminary ideas for what I’d like to accomplish in 2013.  Here’s a few of my intentions so far:

a.  Read all of Jane Austen’s novels.

b.  Read all of the Toni Morrison novels I’ve collected from the thrift store.

c.  Learn some French for my trip to Paris next summer.

d.  I want to find my biological family.  Not sure I will succeed, but I want to amp up the search and hopefully find someone who knows of me or knows of my parents who can tell me something about them.

e.  Paint regularly.  

f.  Complete  The Artist’s Way with a few friends.

What are your Monday Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts”

    1. Yes, absolutely Maria. Loving yourself enough to give yourself a break over things that are very much out of your control is the best we can do. Weight can even be a thing that can’t be helped as easily as we think. That’s my problem. I’m beautiful in other ways besides just the body. You are wonderful, too…artistic, loving and creative and you have a special connection with animals. I’m so glad you stopped in. Please come back again.



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