Life Principles are a Personal Thing. What are Yours?

A little while  back I was trying to help a friend with some integrity issues in her life.   I explained to her that to not live chaotically, you have to have principles you follow throughout your life that guide you.  The principles I am referring to are like deeply ingrained reactions to what life dishes out on a daily basis, if you will.  By the  time a person is middle aged, these precepts should be well figured out and be a guide for living your life.  They should be a large part of what makes us who we are.  I don’t believe my friend has given much thought to her own set of personal truths, but our conversation caused me to want to take inventory of my own and earmark them for a closer look.  I thought I’d share mine with you and hopefully, you’ll feel compelled to take stock of your own.   

1. I try to always be honest-I cannot say I never lie, but I almost always tell the truth-at least about the things that matter.  I’d say the color of my off lies are white.

2.  I never take something that isn’t mine or I didn’t pay for. -Never. Ever.  I simply couldn’t sleep if I did.  I have been known to go back in stores to pay for items that went unnoticed under my cart, or if the cashier didn’t charge me for something I point it out so the item is sure to be included.  Give me more change than I deserve?  You are getting the balance back.

3.  I try to always be kind-(I’ll be honest, menopause has made this more difficult lately)-I try to always be sunshiny-smile, be friendly, considerate of others, apologize when I do wrong, and in general be lovable and positive.

4.  I try to always be trustworthy. This includes trying to always stick to plans, commitments, favors and promises made with people.  One of my biggest pet peeves is poo poo promisers.

5.  Live artfully.  It’s a part of who I am to use every opportunity to implement creativity.  I thrive on it.  Being artistic makes my heart happy.

6.  I strive to live simply, to be humble and unpretentious-We all know no one likes someone who is haughty, snobbish and uppity.  It’s important to me to be genuine and to surround myself with likewise folks.

7.  I always honor God-I pray and know God is there.  I never take Him for granted.

8.  I always love myself-I take care of myself, live artfully, make time for family and friends and I don’t allow people to treat me  badly.  I have enough self respect and self love to stand up for what is right in my eyes.  I make it a point to chase my dreams.

9.  I just laugh if something’s funny.  I don’t scrutinize the validity of my sense of humor.  I think laughing is one of those things that is essential to living a healthier, long life.  Laugh till you cry, or till your stomach hurts.  It’s all good.

10.  Treat animals with respect and compassion.   I use a gentle touch, a kind voice and have good intention.  It’s important to make a spiritual connection with an animal.  Treat them with love.

8 thoughts on “Life Principles are a Personal Thing. What are Yours?”

  1. You’ve done so well with 10. that you’ve turned one of our cats into your feline disciple. It’s borderline insane.

    4. is a huge pet peeve of mine, too…which makes it even more aggravating when I’m the one poo pooing on a promise.

    An excellent list, momma!


    1. I will not treat Charlie badly, however, if he’s being a bad cat, I will find him a new, humane home. 🙂
      I love you despite your poo pooing. I know you will work on it and succeed in conquering that bad habit. It took me until I was 30 or so to hone that one.


  2. Another way to decide what your values are is to think of 2 things: first, three times when you were happiest and second three times when you were your maddest. Then try to list the values that reflect those times. I love your list Emily. You are a wonderful person!!


  3. This is a great list, Em. I’ve been trying lately to uphold a few principals of my own: to live with integrity, keep commitments, be as kind-hearted as possible while keeping the gossip to a minimum, etc.

    Inspiring post.


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