Come on, come on get healthy!

Holy goodness, I just realized I haven’t blogged since the first week of March.  Lame.  No excuse.  I’m just totally busy with life.  So many things are going through my mind-I’ve been dreaming about the future, worrying, stressing and trying to pull out my usual positive attitude which is almost always right there in my center, beneath my heart.  It’s coming.  It’s there.  I’m just going through a little rough spot now but all will be well soon.  Nothing ever gets the best of me.  In the mean time, I have changed my eating habits and have begun eliminating excessive sugars from my diet and now I eat powerhouse foods that are made up of disease fighting antioxidants.  In addition, I’m now  focused on slimming down naturally without stress or pressure on myself.  I wanted to share with you the few changes I’ve made and I hope you, too, will begin to eat more healthy and make those changes a way of life, to keep weight off and disease away.   Here’s what I do:


1.  Fage brand plain Greek yogurt in the morning and evening as a snack with Stevia as a sweetener, a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and a handful of fresh, organic blueberries.

2.  Less coffee and in place of it I sip black tea and green tea with Stevia.  I also like lots of water.

3.  I watch my sugar intake carefully and don’t consume much of it any more.

4.  I eat a lot of fresh veggies like brussles sprouts, bok choy, cabbage  and broccoli-cooked, of course!

5.  I love red seedless grapes as snacks.  They are so delicious, and they help stave off dementia and help my heart.

6.  I snack on a handful of nuts like Brazil nuts and walnuts.  Both amazingly healthy for you.

(Please check with your doctor before you consume any of these foods, be wary of allergies to foods.)

These are the few changes I’ve made and so far and I know they’ve made me feel and look healthier and more energetic. Not only that, these dietary changes have lessened the amount of calories I take in which has been a benefit in the weight loss column.  Slowly I’ve taken off 27lbs since  last May.  I am happy.

What changes have you made to get healthier?  Let me know…I need some new suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Come on, come on get healthy!”

  1. Hey, I’d say you are definitely on the right track…eating whole foods, walking your dog….sounds like a recipe for success to me! I’ve been doing the same and also doing yoga…..loving it! One of my favorite things in the summer is getting some hearts of romaine and splitting them down the middle, brushing them with olive oil and then putting them on the grill….makes a great salad base! Here is a link to the way I like them http://skiptomyewe.blogspot.com/2011/06/this-is-so-easy.html
    If you try them out, let me know what you think


  2. Now you’ve made me hungry for greek yogurt and blueberries! I am finishing up last summer’s frozen blackberries with my morning yogurt these days and getting up from my chair as often as I can through the day. We think we’ll eat a mostly vegetarian diet this summer when the garden is kicking. Live more and blog when you can!


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