My word for 2012

It seems to be a trend over the last few years to choose a guiding word for the new year.  A singleton resolution, so to speak.  Last year my word was ‘undaunted’ and to commemorate it I purchased a sterling silver ring with UNDAUNTED engraved on it.  (Midway through the year I accidently lost it, but that didn’t stop me from living up to my word).

My word for 2012

I’ve decided that that is the year I am going to expand my creativity and work on developing my art.  My word for this year is PAINT.  I want to paint on a regular basis this year (several times a week, if not daily), developing my style and reaching 100 completed paintings by years end.  I’m taking a painting class in September with Flora Bowley in Wisconsin (can’t wait!) and I intend to take a few other painting courses in March/April using the Michelle Cassou Point Zero method.

My only intention for this year is to paint.  And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

What’s your word for this new year?

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