What I really need for Christmas

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, then you probably know I make  a ‘Santa Baby Christmas List’ every year-a whimsical and sassy way of letting the world know just what I’d like if I could have anything. Like the song, it’s frivolous and unrealistic, but it’s fun.

Right after Thanksgiving I started to give some thought to my list, wondering what I should include this year.  I pondered it and tossed around some ideas, but honestly, I just wasn’t feeling that ‘Santa Baby’ vibe this year.  I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted and I was distracted and a bit ill at ease about the whole thing.  I’m in a place right now where I’m  fairly content with my life.  I just don’t feel the need for a lot of stuff.

This has been such a volatile year in the markets, the country’s economy is out of whack and I have a couple of dear friends who’ve hit enormous difficulties being out of work for the past two years.  They are wiped out-the safety net is depleted, they are seriously struggling and it’s not getting any better.  I am fearful for their future.  I also am worried about my 83 year old mom who is suffering with some serious health problems relating to her kidneys, bad heart valves and clogged arteries. I’ve been doing a lot of praying lately.   So in the spirit of not being insensitive towards my hurting friends, my mom, and others out there who are suffering from the same economic catastrophes, I’ve decided to waive the Santa Baby Christmas list this year.

What my thoughts keep reverting back to this Christmas season is the simple things.  How I love books.  And a warm bed with cozy blankets and pillows and a warm fire with my sweet dog curled up next to me.  How I enjoy walking through the St. Francis Woods with Xander on crisp winter mornings, soaking up the serenity and solitude my soul is crying out for.  How I love being with my kids and just having them around me.  How I enjoy coffee with precious girlfriends, creating art and laughing till it hurts.  How I love curling up on the sofa with a warm blanket and the dog and my family and watching a marathon of The Office or some other show I’m really in the mood to see.

I don’t need anything fancy this year-ever really.  But what I would love more than anything is to have my friends catch a break from the universe and land that job that’s gonna make it all better.  I need my mom to have more good days than bad ones.  I need her quality of life to improve so she smiles more and has the energy to do the things she’s used to doing everyday without getting out of breath.  These are the things I need.  Are you listening Santa?   God?  That’s all I need.

7 thoughts on “What I really need for Christmas”

  1. Ditto. You summed up everything I can think of. From the friends and family struggling through this economic climate to my 85 year old mother living on the other side of the country to being grateful to sip coffee with my dearest girlfriends to just being happy to sit on my couch and crochet.


  2. Em,

    One of your best blogs yet (thanks for making me cry). You are soooo right. It seems as we get older, we truly appreciate how blessed we are, even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Less is suddenly more. Things that don’t cost a thing, (playing with your dog, your child’s laughter) are the things that are priceless.

    I hope Santa/God gives you all you need and more!

    Love ya,


  3. You have hit the nail on the head! A great post, capturing so well what I’m feeling this year. I love your book tree—I just saw an image of one from a bookstore window, but theirs didn’t have lights. I also love the first photograph—just gorgeous. Happy holidays to you and especially to your friends and your mom. Here’s the blessed richness of the stuff of life, not the things of life!


  4. Your wishes are similiar to mine. I also want good health to family and friends. Hope your mom gets better, if possible and she is happy. If she gets too sick I wish that she doesn’t suffer too much.

    I wish that the unemployed get jobs in their field and not have to just take any job that comes along. So many people are out of work that there doesn’t seem to be enough jobs to go around. Whatever job that people get I hope that they can enjoy their work and not be miserable just trying to make ends meet.

    My other wish is for love to be found for all. If there isn’t any love, we have nothing. Love of our family and friends keeps us going. Its a great reason to get up in the morning to help and love others. Forgiveness, patience and understanding are key. May we first love ourselves and then spread that happiness around.


    1. con’t
      My last desire this holiday season is for peace. Glad the troops are going home. May we all find comfort is our everyday lives and be at peace with ourselves.

      I do not ask Santa for material things this Christmas. We have food, clothing and shelter, for now. Thats all we need. Hopefully we can pay our bills and mortgage in the New Year. God willing Wayne and I will get other employment.

      Hope this essay wasn’t too long as a reply to your blog. Wishing you and your family(pets too) a wonderful holiday season and may all your dreams come true in the New Year!!


  5. Em,
    I dont ask for much nor at the time of chritmas. the only thing that would be nice at this time of the season is to spend it with friends and family (as i do each year).the serenity, health and welfare to survive these hard times that eveyone is going through. to make each and everyone a stronger person in life.
    Merry Christmas & Happy new Year!!


  6. Emily – I realize I am months late responding to this beautiful post, but I am trying to catch up on blogs I have enjoyed over the past year … I love how heartfelt this post was – Self-less – Your heart going out to your family & friends at such difficult times … I really enjoy your blog and plan to continue to follow you …


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